Market for Vacation Homes is on the Rise!

With 72 miles of Pristine Beaches, Brevard County is a perfect place to Purchase a Vacation Property!


Sales in many vacation communities across the U.S. soared last year to levels not seen since boom times, driven by deep discounts, cash purchases and buyers’ rising stock portfolios.

On Mercer Island, Wash., waterfront sales nearly tripled in 2010, compared with a year earlier, reaching par with 2006 volume there. Sales on Hilton Head Island, S.C., rose 14% for the year. Palm Beach, Fla., experienced a 40% annual increase and a 54% increase in homes under contract, indicating an especially strong fourth quarter. Palm Beach sales volume now is comparable to its 2007 peak. These figures were gleaned by brokers in each locale.    Read Full Article


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July 2011 – Tenant Newsletter

With Summer in full swing, we hope that everyone is enjoying fun in the sun!  Our department has continued to grow and we’d like to take a moment to update you on a few changes.

Office New Address – In July, we will be relocating to a new office location.  Our new address will be 6022 Farcenda Place, Suite 101, Melbourne, FL  32940We are scheduled to move July 11-18th.  Our office phone numbers will be changing with the move as well.  Please look for updates soon!

E-mail and Contact Phone Numbers – With all the new and exciting changes, please make sure we have your most current points of contact.  When changes are made, you have 5 business days to update your information.

Air Conditioner Filters – Please remember to change you a/c filters monthly.  This time of year puts high demand on you’re a/c unit, general maintenance helps keep it running smoothly.

Maintenance/Service Calls – Our department has added a Maintenance Supervisor to help assist with maintenance issues on each property.  Debbie Cellini brings her experience to our team and is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5p.m. at 321.752.5858 or email at . Please contact your Property Manager or if they are not available, Sheryl Jones (321.863.7824) directly for maintenance issues after normal business hours.

Online Payments – Always looking to provide the best service, we have upgraded our accounting system that will allow you to pay online directly to your account.  There will be a ONE TIME set up fee of $10 with no monthly service charge.  A savings of $24 annually compared to the $2.79 per use service fee charges.  You will receive notification of when this service is up and running.

End of Lease – If you have decided not to renew your lease, you must contact your Property Manager 30 days prior to the end of your lease.  Failing to do so can cause you to risk losing all or part of your security deposit.  Please remember to submit your intentions in writing.  When renewing your lease, please remember there is a $50 Lease Prep Fee.  This amount is to be paid at the time of signing of the lease.

Garbage Cans – Please remember to place all garbage cans in the garage or out of sight from the road when not in use.  Those that live within a HOA community, please make sure the garbage cans are put in the garage promptly.  Some Home Owner Associations have implemented a fine for the cans remaining in view.  This fee will be charged to the tenant if the owner is fined.

Providing our tenants top-notch service is our goal!  As housing needs change, we are available for all your real estate needs.  We look forward to your referrals from your friends and family!

You can visit our website at:

Sheryl Jones, Property Manager Director – 321.863.7824

Patty Teachman, Regional Property Manager – 321.474.1311

Robin Luca, Senior Property Manager – 321.604.5506

Suzi Granger, Property Manager – 321.795.9202

Debbi Cellini, Maintenance Supervisor – 321.752.5858

Liz Cooper, Administrative Assistant – 321.752.5858

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